Financial Services

JPMorgan gives in: ‘Yes, you can have your crypto funds’: In a first from a big US bank, JPMorgan is offering some of its retail clients a choice of five funds. This could help the banking giant dissuade customers from moving funds to fintechs—and spur other incumbents to make similar rollouts.

Spending on travel and entertainment and goods and services saw strong growth driven by Amex’s rewards revamp—and the issuer can keep riding this wave by gearing rewards and solutions to younger consumers.

Currencycloud provides API-based foreign exchange banking and payments services and can help Visa strengthen its position in the cross-border payments market.

Happify Health launched the first-ever prescription digital therapy for anxiety and depression, giving it a competitive edge over its peers—but if DTx companies want doctors to prescribe their apps, they’ll need insurers on their side.

Investment fintech Titan raises $58M and although it faces tough competition from other fast-growing fintech players in the space, Titan’s differentiated active strategies and focus on a younger demographic portends further strong growth.

The neobank is seeking to cash in on a rebound in overseas travel with a booking product that includes 10% cashback—the launch will also let the company promote existing travel offerings and drive engagement with its app.

Its record revenue growth could crescendo in one of the year’s highest IPOs—but the recent dip in trading volume will likely slow the pace at which digital brokers reach new milestones.

Issuers’ pursuit of clear value propositions and forays into next-gen credit building services offer a window into their plans to attract customers and combat competition.

The addition of checking and savings accounts offers US small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a robust suite of banking products—and the fintech’s vast merchant network could help it acquire new customers.

Blockchains make it far more challenging for beneficiaries to retrieve cryptos after the owner’s death than it is to access traditional assets. Here’s how the industry will respond.

After taking a sizable hit to their business in 2020 from the coronavirus pandemic, digital-only banking players will host 6.5 out of every 10 digital account openings this year—driven by pent-up demand and the gradual return to normalcy.

Square announced a platform to help developers create DeFi applications in a bid to recreate its crypto revenue success with DeFi.

This month, the bank is starting to deploy its integrated digital offering, potentially reaching half a million customers in July—a measured approach that reduces the risk of any glitches alienating too many customers.

This latest funding round adds to its war chest, providing ample gunpowder to deploy as it looks to expand its products’ breadth and geographic reach.

With the $70 million raise, the insurtech will further gamify the industry, and a recent uptick in online searches for life insurance and a need for better employee benefits can increase growth.

With Just Invest, Vanguard acquires the tech to offer direct indexing to a wider pool of investors and corner that market, as it has with traditional index investing.

BofA digital engagement surges: The US-based bank disclosed that users are turning to digital channels more frequently, even as adoption slows. With adoption now approaching saturation, engagement will become the next frontier for banks.