Financial Services

A group of the country’s large banking players is hammering out a deal to jointly operate branches in underserved areas. If the agreement ends with more shuttered locations, it could prompt a backlash.

Retail investors and the investing-curious give Reddit a push: Thanks to January's meme-stock craze, the 16-year-old platform's user growth helped fuel increases in ad revenue, which will help the company dive into international expansion and video.

The new suite of credit cards could help Synchrony bolster its pandemic recovery by tapping into a top spend segment while entrenching itself as a major player for online-focused co-brand cards.

The neobank hit this lofty level on the back of bagging $750 million in new funding. Insider Intelligence examines the bullish and the bearish cases for whether it’s worth it.

An incoming tide of ad revenue swelled the social media platform’s $10B valuation and funding raise of $700M. Here’s how our Fintech and eMarketer analysts say meme stocks helped.

With Pay Later, SMBs can apply for short-term loans and pay them in equal installments—helping Veem carve out a piece of the BNPL market through B2B payments.

Pairing up the fintech’s products for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the banking giant’s existing suite will give U.S. Bank a formidable lineup to compete with digital challengers like Brex and Square.

Insurtechs were given days to set up regulatory compliance groups as the government’s crackdown on the fintech ecosystem broadens.

Customers still value the ability to visit a physical branch—and banks should accommodate them with a blended approach that incorporates important aspects of both the physical and the digital.

It acquired Say Technologies to facilitate communication between everyday shareholders and the companies they invest in. This should boost its average account size, encouraging other market players to follow suit.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) now requires entrants to offer income-producing products, like loans, and to have an exit plan. This will scare off some neobanks—but those that have launched, or are about to, may benefit.

Crypto exchange CoinDCX raised $90 million as crypto investments spike in India, suggesting doubts over future government actions to curtail crypto trading haven’t shaken investors.

Coinbase goes on an acquisition spree to stay ahead and we expect it will soon close the acquisition of a crypto fund provider.

NAB’s Citigroup deal bulks it up further as Afterpay/Square looms: The Australian banking giant’s unsecured loan book will get a big boost from the proposed deal. That and a platform upgrade adds even more heft to NAB in any face-off against Afterpay and Square.

Retail loyalty programs—the most prevalent type in consumers’ wallets—help brands develop lasting customer relationships through easy, accessible, and appealing incentives. Co-brand credit cards—issued as partnerships between major brands, banks, and card networks— have long been a key piece of that puzzle.