A scan of data from around the world

Lou Orfanos, head of sales and marketing at Localytics, spoke with eMarketer about tactics and technologies that are helping marketers build up their apps' active and engaged user bases.

B2B marketers deal with a more complex path to purchase. New research shows that offering potential clients content downloads can help to drive conversions.

New Verto Analytics data shows that Facebook users in the US spent significantly less time on the platform in 2017 than they did last year. But Facebook still has a wide lead on its closest competitor, Snapchat.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we welcome Spotify's Danielle Lee for a conversation about personalization, targeting and people-based marketing.

Ad fraud remains a top concern for those running mobile campaigns. A new report by Singular found that solutions include rule-based and statistical methods.

A scan of data from around the world

Germaine Ng Ferguson, general manager of integrated solutions and analysis at Singapore-based telecom StarHub, discusses why brands are demanding too much from campaign metrics.

A survey of US mobile phone users finds that the more time respondents spend on their devices, the more likely they are to report troubled relationships.

A study from Deloitte found nearly nine in 10 people check their phones within an hour of waking up, and almost as many do so before going to sleep. Some even admit to using their device while crossing the street—and there are still a lot of people who say they do so while driving.

In a special Thanksgiving episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, hosts Marcus Johnson and Ezra Palmer consider some of this year's key trends—pricey smartphones, massive digital sales days and more—and ask a simple question: "Should we be thankful for this?"

With programmatic raising concerns related to inventory quality, brand safety and viewability, talk about advertisers bringing such efforts in-house has grown. But surprisingly few have actually done so.

A scan of data from around the world

As new data emerges on the political activity of Russian entities in the 2016 election year, research from HubSpot finds that US adults aren’t sure about how much to trust ads on social networks.

A scan of data from around the world

Corey Coates, co-founder and chief expectations manager at Podfly Productions, discusses Canada's podcast space.

There’s nothing like spending the holidays with your loved ones, or—as a new study from Tapjoy reveals—with a mobile game.

In the fifth and final episode of our "Critical Challenges" series, we dig into the topic of brand safety, featuring highlights from our one-to-one interviews with top marketing executives from around the world.

A scan of data from around the world

There are some significant differences in the way users in places like Asia-Pacific and South America access the mobile web. And mobile traffic in those regions is also more likely to be dominated by Android devices.