As Europe's new privacy regulations come into force, we consider the impact on data—the lifeblood of many modern companies. Thomas Walle, CEO of location data platform Unacast, joins eMarketer analysts Lauren Fisher and Yory Wurmser to discuss how the GDPR will affect location data.

Xiaomi, sometimes referred to as the Apple of China, is known for its smartphone products. Like Apple, however, Xiaomi wants to be known for being more than just a hardware company.

Customer engagement is a priority for many, but no single action plan exists for how to measure it. Some marketers simply identify and tally engagements, while others understand the value of each action. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Jennifer Zeszut, chief customer officer of Beckon, about how to build engagement scores and ratios that matter.

Eric Picard, vice president of product management at Pandora, talks about the obstacles and advantages of programmatic audio.

With the deadline for GDPR fast approaching, we speak with Richard Reeves, managing director of the UK's Association of Online Publishers, about the challenges publishers face in dealing with the new privacy rules. The regulations, he says, may be the most significant change the advertising and media sectors have faced in a generation.

The GDPR enforcement deadline is looming, but marketers aren't feeling self-assured about their ability to comply with the new law, according to a survey by Openprise.

Americans may not be widely familiar with Europe's looming GDPR regulations, but they say they would like regulators to take similar steps in the US.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we discuss some of the most pervasive themes from the 2018 Upfronts presentations and what share of the total year's ad spend is committed at this event.

Yesterday, at eMarketer’s "State of Digital: Trust at the Crossroads" event, executives from Bayer US, Pernod Ricard USA and Boxed spoke about how they're moving past the brand safety hysteria, and—most importantly—ignoring the trolls and embracing their audiences in 2018 and beyond.

Siara Nazir, head of digital marketing at Autodesk, advocates for a consolidated view of all data as the best way to understand a business.

Many users want companies to delete their passport and social security information, but few demand their location data be redacted, according to a study by Capgemini.

A recent Widen survey of marketing and creative professionals worldwide found that nearly twice as many respondents wrestle with telling stories with their data than do with visualizing or analyzing data.

As the GDPR trigger date draws near and the frenzy of preparation comes to an end, we step back to take a longer view. In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we discuss some of the longer-term implications of the new rules in a conversation with privacy consultant Colin O'Malley.

Mobile app marketers are dealing with a staggering amount of competition to win users’ attention. But the challenges don’t end there. Mobile app users are a fickle bunch, known to download apps, then use them a few times before either uninstalling or ignoring them.

GroupM estimates that DSPs and SSPs each take a 10% cut of the ad expenditures flowing through their platforms.

In the latest episode of eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, eMarketer analysts on both sides of the Atlantic discuss how consumers feel about the looming GDPR rules. Are consumers in Europe even aware of the rules, and do they care?

New data from Sensor Tower indicates that the path to a download of a game app is different from a nongame app.

With smartphones ubiquitous, marketers have new ways of linking online advertising with offline actions. This enhanced online-to-offline (O2O) view exposes a broader swath of the path to purchase and more accurately reveals advertising effectiveness.

For the technology to set the world on fire, it needs to be adopted first, and that’s happening at a slow pace, according to Gartner.

As China's economy grows and the population becomes more urbanized, media consumption is rising. Mobile is at the center of a shifting media diet.