January 31, 2018

Timeframe in Which US Brand-Side Digital Marketing Executives Think They Will Not Need to Rely on Cookies/Probabilistic Data for Digital Marketing, Sep 2017 (% of respondents)


In September 2017, 32.1% of US brand-side digital marketing executives surveyed think they will not need to rely on cookies/probabilistic data for digital marketing in the next 12 months. 31.7% think that will happen in the next 1-2 years. Under 5% believe this won't happen at all.


Respondents were asked, "Do you think there will come a time when you don't need to rely on cookies (probabilistic data) for the majority of your digital marketing?" Data was provided to eMarketer by Viant.


Data is from the January 2018 Viant report titled "Power of the People: How People Based Marketing is Driving Change Across the US Advertising Industry" conducted by Censuswide. 250+ US brand-side digital marketing executives from companies with $50+ million in revenues were surveyed during September 2017. Viant is an advertising technology company under the Time Inc. umbrella.