We detail why the new tech could help it gain ground on competitors like Apple.

On today's episode, we discuss the next normal for retailers, digital ads in refrigerated aisles, what the point of the Oscars is, the potential NFL+ streaming service, regulators coming for the app stores, what makes American cars unique, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Blake Droesch and Dave Frankland and director of reports editing Rahul Chadha.

US mobile gaming ad revenues will reach $6.26 billion in 2022, up 14.0% from $5.49 billion in 2021. Healthy double-digit growth will continue through 2024.

Ad industry sees gaming as a growth opportunity amidst industry turmoil: Inaugural PlayFronts event focuses on how brands can gain new customers and revenue.

Lockheed Martin becomes the DOD’s 5G integrator: 5G development can push the military’s digital transformation while partner companies build more secure solutions for consumer and private 5G applications.

Dating apps Bumble and Hinge attracted more downloads worldwide in 2021 than the previous two years. Meanwhile, Tinder outpaced them both by at least 54 million downloads—albeit 8 million fewer downloads than its lead in 2020.

Coronavirus lockdowns in China have global repercussions: The ripple effect of Chinese factory shutdowns will be felt far and wide while businesses are forced to adjust expectations.

Meta’s campaign against TikTok will do little to hide its own issues: Negative stories about rivals won’t fix its longstanding advertising and content issues.

As the ad industry grapples with privacy changes, much is at stake: US programmatic display advertising will top $123 billion this year and approach $142 billion in 2023.

Subscriptions are becoming increasingly important to the video game industry: That’s the lesson from Sony’s launch of its new service, which is set to take on Microsoft’s Game Pass.

China tries to balance productivity amid COVID-19 lockdowns: The Chinese government struggles to contain infections in Shanghai while adopting a business-as-usual attitude toward closed-loop factories.

Uber will call you a cab: Driver shortages and rising ride prices drive Uber to embrace the cab industry. The shift into localized services could accelerate Uber’s transformation into a super app.

Even TikTok is struggling to stop harmful content: A new lawsuit and complaints from creators could stand in the way of its social commerce goals.

Spotify could break away from Google and Apple’s payment duopoly: Google’s alternative payments pilot program might only serve higher-profile apps, leaving smaller developers in the lurch.

Global headlines bring Telegram to the spotlight: Messaging app finds followers and critics as awareness of it rises.

Learn how companies can use location data effectively and where location data goes from here. "In Other News," we discuss the most impressive part of Apple's earnings and what's next for smartphone experiences. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

Instagram’s role in the metaverse will involve NFTs and the creator economy: At SXSW, Zuckerberg hinted at long-term metaverse plans and upcoming NFT features.

Meta’s facing international growth challenges: Legal inquiries and fines from South Africa and Ireland are the latest hurdles the social media leader must contend with.