February 21, 2019

What Digital Channels Do Travel Marketers Worldwide Believe Work Best for Branding vs. Direct Response Advertising? (% of respondents, Nov 2018)


Travel marketers worldwide were asked which digital channels work best for building a brand and which work best for direct response ads. Some of the digital channels included in the chart are Facebook/Instagram, paid search, video, mobile, private marketplace and programmatic display.


Data is from the February 2019 Sojern, "State of the Industry: The 2019 Report on Travel Advertising." 611 travel marketers worldwide were surveyed online during November 2018. 83% were from travel agencies and 17% of respondents were from travel suppliers. Respondents identified their regions of advertising responsibility as (note respondents could cover more than one region): Asia-Pacific (65 respondents), Europe (307), Latin America (150), the Middle East (37) and North America (245). All travel marketers in North America were from the US. Travel marketers in Europe could represent multiple countries. The breakout of European countries represented is as follows: France (135), Germany (108), Ireland (44), Italy (128), Spain (129) and the UK (205).