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Digital Advertising on Amazon and the Duopoly—What It Means for Everyone Else

Sep 13, 2018

In this live-video webinar, eMarketer senior analyst Nicole Perrin briefs you on the growth of the duopoly: Google and Facebook, and also on Amazon—which has become a giant in its own right. She’ll also examines the reasons why it's still important for brands to work with other platforms and publishers.

Email Isn't Social Media, but It's Still Pretty Popular

Aug 27, 2018

With the rise of social media and texting, some saw email as a communication vehicle that would eventually disappear. But according to a June 2018 Adobe survey of US internet users, personal email usage was up 17% over 2017.

Consumers Expect Brands to Be Open and Honest on Social Media

Aug 20, 2018

Not only do consumers want businesses to be open and honest in their social posts, they actually hold businesses to a higher standard than they hold for themselves.

How Hearst Leverages Voice for a New Kind of Brand Partnership

Jun 25, 2018

Chris Papaleo, executive director of emerging technology at Hearst, discusses how the publisher puts itself in the position to benefit its brand partners.

There Are Still Misconceptions About Millennials in Canada

Jun 12, 2018

Andrew Au, president of Intercept Group, talks about the common misconceptions about millennials in Canada, and provides insights into their spending habits.

The Next Battle for Brand Safety Is in the Comment Section

Jun 11, 2018

Susan Schiekofer, chief digital investment officer at GroupM, discusses the state of brand safety in the video space.

At Sprint, Personalization Isn't Enough to Influence Purchase Decisions

May 25, 2018

Rob Roy, Sprint's chief digital officer, talks about how the telecom company leverages consumer insights not only to tailor messaging, but also to deliver it at the perfect moment.

What Engagement Metrics Also Determine About Customer Loyalty

May 21, 2018

360i's Laurence Blanchard and Chris Chobanian discuss why engagement metrics are critical for understanding the effect of marketing efforts on KPIs like loyalty.

Crisis Averted: How Marketers View Brand Safety Now

May 17, 2018

Yesterday, at eMarketer’s "State of Digital: Trust at the Crossroads" event, executives from Bayer US, Pernod Ricard USA and Boxed spoke about how they're moving past the brand safety hysteria, and—most importantly—ignoring the trolls and embracing their audiences in 2018 and beyond.