June 27, 2018

Primary Way in Which Their Programmatic and Direct Media Buying Teams Operate According to US Digital Media Buying Decision-Makers, May 2018 (% of respondents)


A May 2018 survey found 30% of respondents selected formal partnership as the primary way in which their programmatic and direct media buying teams operate. 28% selected informal partnerships; 25% independently; 17% converged.


Data is from the June 2018 Forrester Consulting report titled "Digital Media Buying Converges" commissioned by Centro. 104 US digital media buying decision-makers in advertising and marketing agencies were surveyed in May 2018. Respondents identified their job title as C-level executive (40%), director (32%), manager (12%) and VP (16%) with digital media buying responsibility as final decision-maker (62%), influence decisions (5%) and part of a team deciding (34%) with an annual digital ad spending budget of $500,000-$1 million (5%), $1-$10 million (41%), $10-$50 million (22%), $50-$100 million (17%) and $100+ million (14%). Centro is a software and managed services company.