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eMarketer director of sales Christine Anene and organization development director Mayte Espinal join the podcast to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Are D&I initiatives a question of good corporate citizenship, or are they also good for business? What are current trends and best practices in making offices more like the outside world? How do employees respond when companies focus on workplace health?

eMarketer principal analysts Lauren Fisher and Karin von Abrams, senior analyst Bill Fisher and research analyst Matteo Ceurvels reflect on the first year of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). How has it affected business and everyday life? And what does the future hold for similar legislation in the US and elsewhere?

In today’s episode, we spotlight mobile banking in Asia. How are young entrepreneurs in China using their smartphones to disrupt the financial services industry? What is South Korea doing to make banking fun? What new apps are teaching children how to manage their money? And what do bankers need to know about the mobile generation?

eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman talks about rising direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like shaving and skin care company Harry’s and luggage maker Away. How are these brands reaching consumers? And what drives people to try new D2C brands?

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver discusses ways that marketers can reach millennial parents. How are young parents different from those of earlier generations? How well does out-of-home advertising work for them? And in what ways are these youthful consumers similar to their older counterparts?

eMarketer vice president of research Jennifer Pearson and principal analyst Mark Dolliver discuss Mother’s Day shopping, spending and digital usage habits in the US.

eMarketer vice president of multimedia Paul Verna talks about how the context of when, what and how someone is watching video matters. Are OTT ad dollars starting to catch up with viewership? And is the TV the most important device?

eMarketer vice president of multimedia Paul Verna and forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom discuss this year's digital NewFronts. Where do most viewers watch Hulu's content? What are these new "binge ads"? And what did they think of YouTube's presentation?

In this episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer principal analysts Yory Wurmser and Paul Verna cover the importance of voice to marketers, the new video streaming services from AT&T and NBCUniversal, and why Airbnb is investing in TV content. "Behind the Numbers" is sponsored by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Listen in.

eMarketer’s social media expert Debra Aho Williamson discusses Twitter's earnings. What are we to make of this new "monetizable daily active user" metric? How did advertising revenues perform? And what can we expect from the platform in the coming months?

In today’s episode, we talk “Game of Thrones” with eMarketer account manager Alex Reidy and director of SMB sales Matt Florio, who are both fans of the show. We’re also joined by vice president of multimedia Paul Verna, who hasn’t watched a single episode. We discuss viewership numbers, the impact of "Game of Thrones" on workplace productivity, the likelihood of a mass viewer exodus from HBO and how brands have tapped into the show’s appeal.

eMarketer principal analyst and mobile authority Yory Wurmser discusses the implications of the US government’s restrictions on Huawei. What is the administration’s concern? How much will these measures affect Huawei’s business? And what might this mean for US companies?

On the week of the TV upfronts, we’re joined by eMarketer's vice president of multimedia Paul Verna to discuss why this annual event is still a big deal in the television industry. After all, isn’t TV ad spending trending downward? And wasn’t streaming supposed to be the death knell of TV?

Social media principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson discusses Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ recent op-ed on breaking up the company he helped create with Mark Zuckerberg. What is Hughes proposing? Just how powerful is Facebook? And what should the government’s role be in regulating it?

eMarketer vice president of multimedia Paul Verna joins us to discuss how some TV ads lose effectiveness when they’re not viewed in real time. Considering the high percentage of ads that are time-shifted, this is a potential concern for traditional TV advertisers.

eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin and forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom discuss the shift from print to digital news in the US. How many people still read newspapers and magazines? How much ad spending is flowing to print media?

eMarketer’s principal analyst, Mark Dolliver and vice president of multimedia Paul Verna talk about how older folks are being left behind in the digital world. How big is the digital adoption gap between younger and older Americans? At what age does digital adoption drop off? Is there an older digital audience that advertisers are overlooking?

eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin discusses the declining ad fraud problem. How is ad fraud affecting the industry? And how is the industry fighting back?

eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson discusses Facebook's latest F8 announcements, including the redesign, Instagram shopping features and upcoming Facebook Dating service.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer principal analyst Paul Verna and senior forecasting director Monica Peart discuss Hulu: how much it makes in advertising, how its ad-supported and ad-free offerings compare with Netflix and what impact Disney's increased controlling stake has on the platform.