March 29, 2022

Which First-Party Data Sources Will Be Most Valuable to Marketing Professionals Worldwide in 2022 to Address the Loss of Third-Party Cookies? (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "Which first-party data sources will be most valuable to you in 2022 to address the loss of third-party cookies?" Data was provided to Insider Intelligence by Ascend2.


Data is from a March 2022 Ascend2 and Oracle report titled "Marketing Trends 2022: Marketers Tell All About Successes, Struggles, and Solutions." 853 marketing professionals worldwide were surveyed online during January 10-22, 2022. Respondents were from companies with annual revenues of $250 million or more located in the US (40%), India (27%), the UK (24%), and Canada (9%) with a business focus of B2B (41%), B2C (24%), or both (35%) in various industries including retail/CPG (29%), services (15%), manufacturing (14%), and banking/financial services (12%).