December 7, 2021

Phishing Email Click Rates Worldwide, by Industry, Oct 2021


Data is from the December 2021 Terranova Security "Phishing Benchmark Global Report." Phishing results are based on close to 1,000,000 emails sent to end users collected during October 18-29, 2021. Participating organizations included existing Terranova Security customers and parties who had no prior relationship with the company from various industries. The simulation email and webpage templates were supplied by Microsoft in 20 different languages and reflected real-world phishing scenarios all end users, particularly those working in a remote or hybrid environment, may encounter in their daily lives, which included clicking on a link in the body of a phishing email and delivering ransomware in a downloadable file through a phishing webpage. The email and webpage spoofed the Microsoft SharePoint interface for an authentic look and feel. The email message even included instructions on how to download the file, which further enticed the end user to complete the action once they landed on the webpage. Terranova Security is a cyber security awareness consulting company.