September 13, 2021

Comparative Estimates: Third-Party Marketplace Sales* Among Select Companies in Latin America, H1 2019-H1 2021 (billions)


Data is from each company's Q2 2021 financial reports, earnings releases, and corporate presentations. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of each company for the past quarter and six months. Data and figures represent activity tracked by each company. Broader ecommerce industry metrics may vary.


Americanas S.A., "Lojas Americanas: Resultados 2T21," August 2021; Falabella, "Financial Results: Second Quarter 2021," June 2021; Magazine Luiza, "Videoconferência de Resultados 2T21," September 2021; Mercado Libre, "Second Quarter 2021 Results," August 2021; Via, "Earnings Results: 2Q21 and 1H21," ... August 2021More