March 26, 2020

How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted US Agency and Marketing Professionals' Advertising Efforts? (% of respondents, March 2020)


Ad marketing professionals were asked how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted their advertising efforts. Leading responses include held back a campaign from launching until later in the year, adjusted media type usage or shifted budget among media types or stopped or pulled a campaign mid-flight.


Respondents were asked, "In which of the following ways has the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak impacted your recent or ongoing advertising efforts?" Data was provided to eMarketer by Advertiser Perceptions.


Data is from the March 2020 Advertiser Perceptions "Coronavirus Effect on Advertising Report." 203 US agency (67%) and marketing professionals (33%) were surveyed during March 17-20, 2020. Respondents are from the Advertiser Perceptions Ad Pros proprietary community who are 100% involved in media brand selection decisions.