February 27, 2020

Leading Challenges to Cross-Screen Video Advertising According to US Agency/Marketing Professionals, Nov 2019 (% of respondents)


Advertising agency and marketing professionals in the United States were asked what they consider to be the top challenges to a cross-screen video advertising campaign. Responses listed include lack of standard measurement, managing audience de-duplication, managing ad frequency capping, managing ... creative executions/format standardization, inability to execute a cross-screen data targeted buy and inability to plan media buys seamlessly.More


Data was provided to eMarketer by Advertiser Perceptions.


Data is from a February 2020 Advertiser Perceptions report titled "Video Advertising Convergence 2H 2019." 356 US agency and marketer contacts from The Advertiser Perceptions Media Decision Maker Database (and third-party databases as needed) were interviewed during October-November 2019. All respondents were national advertisers who were 100% involved in video advertising decision-making and whose respective companies had $1+ million in total annual ad spending.