August 23, 2019

Programmatic Display Ad Fraud Rates for Select Countries, Q2 2019 (among impressions analyzed by Pixalate)


Data is on programmatic display ad fraud/invalid traffic (IVT) rates/volume in Q2 2019. Countries include India, Australia, Indonesia, Argentina, US, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK, South Korea, Japan and Italy.


Data is from the August 2019 Pixalate report titled "Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Update." Billions of programmatic advertising impressions across over 80 million domains and over 1.5 million apps and over 75 million OTT/CTV devices were analyzed by Pixalate's data science and analyst team during April 1, 2018-April 31, 2019. Pixalate used its proprietary algorithms to measure invalid traffic (IVT), including General Invalid Traff (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) levels across devices and channels. Geography is based off of the user pool (IP) and not the region of the domain or app. The app category data is derived from the official Google Play Store and Apple App Store. "Walled garden" apps are excluded. Pixalate is a fraud protection and data intelligence platform.