April 29, 2019

Do US Agency and Marketing Professionals Currently Use Influencers in Their Digital Video Advertising Campaigns? (% of respondents, March 2019)


US agency and marketing professionals were asked whether they currently use influencers (celebrity and/or maid social media endorsers) in their digital video advertising campaigns. Those who answered "yes" were also asked whether they planned for their video ad spending on influencers to increase, ... decrease or remain the same in 2019.More


Respondents were asked, "Do you advertise in digital video (desktop and mobile video) with influencers (celebrity and/or paid social media product/brand endorsers)?" Respondents who answered "yes" were also asked, "Do you plan to spend more, same or less on digital video (desktop and mobile video) ... advertising with influencers in 2019?"More


Data is from the April 2019 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) "Digital Content NewFronts: 2019 Video Ad Spend Report" conducted by Advertiser Perceptions. 350 US agency (40%) and marketing (60%) professionals were surveyed online during February 18-March 1, 2019. Respondents identified their industries as automotive, CPG, fashion/apparel, finance, home furnishings, media & entertainment, retail and telecommunications. All respondents were involved in digital video advertising decision-making, had $1+ million in total annual ad spending in 2018 and had at minimum a modest understanding of the Digital Content NewFronts.