August 29, 2018

Share of Store Openings vs. Closings in North America, by Store Type, 2018* (% of total in each category)


Data is from the August 2018 IHL Group report titled "Retail's Radical Transformation/Real Opportunities: Beyond the 'Retail Apocalypse' to a Bright Future" sponsored by Diebold Nixdorf, Ceridian, Toshiba, Intel and CDW. The research is primarily based on the US Census for Retail Trade and the monthly retail sales numbers released on August 15, 2018 for retail sales through July 2018. The research is secondarily based on data from the Sophia Data Service for North America, which tracks over 2,700 North American retailers and restaurants. From that list, retailers and restaurants with fewer than 50 locations or which were in the hospitality segment that different from those that are included in the US Census for Retail trade were eliminated. The list was reduced to 1,454 stores with more than 50 locations. Finally, press releases, the public Fung Global Retail & Technology data set, company websites, tax filings and other ways to find data on store counts and increases/decreases for reach company was analyzed.