February 1, 2022

Sources Used by Smartphone Users in Latin America* to Research a Product They Would Like to Purchase Digitally, Jan 2022 (% of respondents )


Respondents were asked, "What information sources do you consult when researching a product that you would like to purchase digitally?" Data was provided to Insider Intelligence by Livepanel.


Data is from the January 2022 Livepanel "Digital Shoppers in Latin America: Retail Media Flash Survey." 3,450 smartphone users ages 18+ across Latin America were surveyed online via Mobile Assisted Touch Interview (MATI) in between January 25-31, 2022. Respondents were from Argentina (n=400), Bolivia (n=400), Brazil (n=400), Chile (n=250), Colombia (n=400), Dominican Republic (n=400), Ecuador (n=400), Mexico (n=400), and Peru (n=400). The majority of respondents were between the ages of 18 and 34.

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