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How Digital Transformation Is Remaking Creative

Jul 05, 2018

How have programmatic platforms and other new technologies disrupted the marketing creative process? In the new episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers," we discuss some of the changes with guest Grant Munro, co-founder of Shutterstock Custom.

Digging into Latin America's Ad Spending Trends

Jun 20, 2018

Today on the "Behind the Numbers" podcast, we zoom in on the advertising markets of Latin America in a conversation with eMarketer's regional specialist, Matteo Ceurvels, and forecasters Andrea Szasz and Eric Haggstrom.

GDPR Is Here—Seven Things Advertisers Need to Know

Jun 07, 2018

eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher sits down with the hosts of the eMarketer Live webinar series to revisit GDPR, now that it has taken effect. She breaks down what’s happened so far and where marketers stand—and offers seven tips that advertisers should take note of.

At Sprint, Personalization Isn't Enough to Influence Purchase Decisions

May 25, 2018

Rob Roy, Sprint's chief digital officer, talks about how the telecom company leverages consumer insights not only to tailor messaging, but also to deliver it at the perfect moment.

How a Quest to Boost Conversion Rates Resulted in a Company's Digital Transformation

May 23, 2018

Glen Hartman, senior managing director and lead for Accenture Interactive North America and global digital marketing/transformation, explains how a telecom giant's simple goal to increase the conversion rate of its paid media turned into a large-scale digital transformation.

Solving the O2O Challenge for the Travel Industry

May 15, 2018

Cree Lawson, CEO of Arrivalist, discusses the most difficult part of measuring arrivals to travel destinations.

Blockchain: What Marketers Need to Know Now

May 04, 2018

The digital marketing and media industries are looking closely at whether blockchain can help solve some serious challenges with transparency, fraud and privacy. It’s still early days. 2018 will be a year of testing and learning.