October 5, 2021

On Which Platform Do US Adults Spend the Most Time Consuming Video Content? (% of respondents, by generation, July 2021)


Respondents were asked, "Of the following, which one do you spend the most time consuming video content on? Of the following, which one do you believeconsumers spend the most time consuming video content on?" Data was provided to Insider Intelligence by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company.


Data is from the October 2021 R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company "The (Un)Expected Report" conducted by FINN Partners. 1,003 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed online during June 15-July 6, 2021 by FINN Partners. Respondents were female (51%), male (48%), or other (1%) and were ages 18-24 (11%), 25-39 (28%), 40-54 (25%), 55-69 (24%), or over 70 (12%) citing ethnicity of White (69%), Hispanic/Latinx (16%), Black (15%), Asian/Asian American (5%), Native American (2%), or other (1%). In addition, 250 US marketing professionals were surveyed during June 14-July 7, 2021. Respondents were in job roles of C-suite or director (22% each), SVP/EVP/managing director or VP (21% each) or senior manager (15%) from companies with revenues $100 million and over in the following industries: retail/CPG (37%), technology (16%) and healthcare (14%) with the rest between 5%-12% (finance, telecom/media, oil and gas/other, and business services/consulting. Data is weighted to be nationally representative. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) is a global provider of multichannel business communications services and marketing solutions.