May 7, 2020

Social Media Platforms Used by Teens vs. Adults* in Canada, March 2020 (% of respondents)


Data is from the May 2020 MTM Junior and CBC/Radio Canada study titled "Sneak Peek 2020" conducted by Ad Hoc Research. Total 1,701 households and 2,494 children ages 2-17 in Canada were surveyed online in English and French during February-March 2020. Parents answered the first part of the survey about the technology at home (e.g., TV service, Netflix subscription). The second part was for the different age categories: children ages 2-6, 7-11 and teens ages 12-17. Parents responded for children ages 11 and under. The English sample includes 917 households and 1,256 children ages 2-17. French sample includes 784 households and 1,238 children ages 2-17. The national data was weighted to ensure it is regionally and demographically representative of the Canadian population. MTM Junior is a product of CBC/Radio Canada.