September 16, 2019

US Local Advertisers Who Plan on Increasing Ad Spending in 2019, by Media (% of respondents)


Local advertisers were asked which media tactics they plan on increasing their spending in 2019. Leading responses include digital video ad, digital audio ads, mobile SMS messages, search engine marketing, social media advertising, content marketing and email advertising.


Respondents were asked, "Of the advertising your business used in 2018, what are your spending plans for these media types in 2019?"


Data is from the September 2019 Borrell Associates "2019 Local US Advertiser Survey" as cited by MediaPost. 2,288 local advertisers from various industries were surveyed during April-July 2019. Respondents are from active advertiser lists of media companies across the country. Respondents identified their business focus as B2B (7%), B2C (52%) or both (40%) with the number of employees ranging from less than 100 (78%), 100 to 499 (13%) and 500+(9%).