January 28, 2019

What Tactics Do UK and US Marketers Find Have the Biggest Effect on Buyer Behavior in 2018 and Are Worth Continued Investment? (% of respondents, Dec 2018)


Respondents consider social media (30.9%) and influencer marketing (12.2%) as being most impactful on buyer behavior, in addition to online advertising (20.7%) and content marketing (17.8%). Print and offline ads are the least mentioned tactic at 6.2%)


Data is from the January 2019 OnBrand and Bynder "State of Branding Report 2019." 501 UK and US marketing decision-makers from various industries were surveyed during November 28-December 11, 2018. Respondents identified their role as sharing decision-making responsibility (54.3%) and sole decision-maker (45.7%) and are from companies that are primarily focused on B2B (17.2%), B2C (39.7%), both (25.7%) or non-profit/government (16.8%) with number of employees at their company as 501-1,000 (25.5%), 1,001-5,000 (34.5%), 5,001-10,000 (21.4%) and 10,000+ (18.6%). OnBrand is a branding magazine. Bynder is a digital asset management company.