June 20, 2018

US Teen Smartphone Users' Attitudes Toward Their Phone, April 2018 (% of respondents)


Teens (ages 13-18) who are smartphone users in the US were asked about their attitudes toward their phone. This chart shows select responses including 'teen's friends are addicted to their phones', 'they feel that people generally expect them to respond immediately to notifications' and 'they feel ... overwhelmed every day by the quantity of notifications they receive'.More


Data is from the June 2018 Screen Education "Teen Smartphone Addiction National Survey 2018" with support from EMI Research Solutions and Stark Statistical Consulting. 1,017 US teen smartphone users ages 13-18 were surveyed online during April 18-25, 2018. Screen Education is an organization dedicated to mitigating the negative consequences of screen addiction. EMI Research Solutions and Stark Statistical Consulting are both market research companies.