December 5, 2019

Sources that Contain Fake News According to UK Internet Users, Nov 2019 (% of respondents)


This chart shows sources where internet users in the United Kingdom say they encounter either "a great deal of" or "some" fake news. Sources listed include: Facebook, Twitter, other social networks (e.g., Instagram), digital communities (e.g., reddit), word of mouth (in-person/by phone or via ... email/messaging), news aggregator websites/apps, newspapers (print and websites/apps), TV and radio.More


Data is from a December 2019 Intuit Research/Norstat - UK report titled "Fake News Dividing Society." 1,108 UK internet users ages 18+ were surveyed during November 21-29, 2019 via online panel. Quotas by age, gender, geography and socioeconomic class were employed to ensure representativeness.