July 21, 2019

Leading Factors that Increase vs. Decrease Trust in Brands Among Digital Shoppers Worldwide, June 2019 (% of respondents)


This survey asked consumers worldwide what the top factors were that increased and decreased trust in brands. The responses for increasing trust included that the company has quick customer service, high quality goods, good online reputation and positive customer reviews.


Data is from the July 2019 Trustpilot report titled "The Value of a Trustworthy Brand Reputation." 1,627 digital shoppers ages 18-77 in Australia, Europe, the UK and the US were surveyed online during June 2019. Of those surveyed, 137 were from Australia, 455 from Europe, 519 from the UK and 516 from the US. All participants spoke fluent English and shopped online at least once per year. Trustpilot is a community-driven online review platform.