January 18, 2018

Technologies Used by Advertisers Worldwide to Measure Digital Ad Effectiveness, by Company Type, Nov 2017 (% of respondents)


A Salesforce survey of marketers worldwide found data management platforms (DMPs) to be the leading technology deployed to measure online advertising effectiveness. Customer-relationship management (CRM) reports or dashboards are used by 59% of B2B companies. Both B2B and B2C companies are moving ... toward outsourced SaaS platforms and only 36% of respondents use in-house/homegrown solutions.More


Data was provided to eMarketer by Salesforce.


Data is from the January 2018 Salesforce report titled "Digital Advertising 2020." 900 advertisers, media buyers and marketers with seniority of manager or higher in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the US were surveyed via FocusVision in November 2017.