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Why Publishers Should Investigate How Ad Vendors Operate

Apr 18, 2018

Publishers that ignore the inner workings of buy-side platforms may find their inventory is being dinged without explanation.

Introducing eMarketer Tech

Apr 18, 2018

Today we are launching a new and updated version of our newsletter focused on marketing technology.

Why Tech Firms Obtain Most of the Money in Programmatic Ad Buys

Apr 16, 2018

A Warc study found that middlemen received 55% of all programmatic ad expenditures worldwide in 2017.

Few People Are Comfortable Sharing Data Through Third Parties

Apr 13, 2018

According to a recent Vision Critical survey, just 16.7% of digital buyers in North America said they’d be fine with sharing their personal information through third parties.

What Marketers Prioritize When Choosing DMPs

Apr 12, 2018

According to a January 2018 survey of US ad and marketing professionals conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, ad inventory discovery is the top criterion that drives data management platform selection.

Ads.txt Errors Plague 16% of Publishers

Apr 11, 2018

The widespread adoption of ads.txt can be a double-edged sword for publishers.

Marketers Outsource Programmatic More than Other Tasks

Apr 06, 2018

When it comes to programmatic advertising, many marketers still prefer to delegate their work to someone else.

Why Some Video Ad Units Are Prone to Fraud

Apr 04, 2018

Some video ad formats have fraudulent impressions more than 10% of the time, according to data from Pixalate and OpenX.

Why Choosing Vendors Is Challenging for Marketers

Apr 02, 2018

About 60% of marketers surveyed by Infectious Media said selecting tech partners is extremely challenging or very challenging for them.

Third-Party Data Crunch

Mar 30, 2018

The restriction of third-party targeting by Facebook is yet another impediment to the use of third-party data in advertising.

Buffering Is the Streaming Snafu that Won’t Go Away

Mar 29, 2018

About 60% of the people Penthera surveyed said they’re frustrated with their mobile video viewing experience at least half of the time.

How Index Exchange Switched to First-Price Auctions

Mar 28, 2018

Programmatic platforms are making big changes to how they price their ad auctions. And it’s arguable that no company more significantly overhauled its pricing structure than Index Exchange, a programmatic platform publishers use to sell their inventory.

Identity, Privacy, GDPR

Mar 28, 2018

In the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers,” eMarketer’s Ross Benes sits down with LiveRamp co-CEO Anneka Gupta to discuss the new tactics advertisers are using to identify users, the difficulties of cross-device matching and what the GDPR says about the future of marketing.

Why AI’s Marketing Applications Are Narrow

Mar 28, 2018

Nikos Acuna, chief visionary at Sizmek, talks about how marketers may use AI in the future.

Web Browsers Reject About Two-Thirds of Cookies

Mar 27, 2018

The cookie is beginning to crumble as users shift their media consumption to mobile devices, and as browsers and regulators crack down on digital privacy.