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Five Charts Explaining the Ad Tech Tax

Jun 18, 2018

The complicated nature of the ad supply chain makes it difficult for advertisers to determine how much money they send to vendors. While this makes it tough for researchers to quantify the “tech tax,” several companies have recently examined how much media spend winds up in the hands of ad tech firms.

How Investment in AI Is Changing

Jun 18, 2018

According to a Forrester Consulting survey of decision-makers responsible for tech procurement, nearly half said they plan to make a major investment in AI within the next year.

Tracking Bad Actors Is the Biggest Ad Quality Challenge

Jun 14, 2018

One of the biggest issues advertisers have with the ad supply chain is that it's too complex. Its convoluted nature allows unscrupulous middlemen to hide their shady tricks, and makes it harder to police ad fraud.

For $150, Most Users Will Sell Personal Information to Brands

Jun 13, 2018

A survey from Syzygy indicates that while users may be getting more fed up with careless approaches to data security, many aren’t above taking some cash to ease their worries.

The GDPR Isn't Hurting US Ad Prices

Jun 11, 2018

An analysis of CPM data for 126 publishers found that while ad prices dropped in the EU following the GDPR enforcement date of May 25, prices actually moved higher in the US.

Most Users Are Very Uncomfortable with Brands Selling Their Data

Jun 11, 2018

Sailthru’s recent survey of US internet users adds more evidence to a growing body of research that shows people are not pleased with the current state of data-trading that empowers digital advertising.

How Publishers Can Move Completely to Server-Side Bidding

Jun 08, 2018

Purch CRO Mike Kisseberth spoke about how publishers can make money by selling ad tech to other media companies.

Advertisers Cut Their DSPs 40% Over Two Years

Jun 05, 2018

Since 2016, ad buyers have reduced the number of demand-side platforms (DSPs) they use per month from seven to four, according to Pathmatics.

Marketing Tech Budgets Continue to Expand

Jun 05, 2018

A recent survey of marketing executives in the UK and US found that just 8% of respondents plan to decrease the amount of money they invest in marketing technology next year.

Ad Buyers Still Uncertain How GDPR Affects Their Budgets

Jun 01, 2018

It isn’t very clear to many programmatic advertisers how the GDPR will affect their media plans.

Users Are Souring on Ad Tracking

May 31, 2018

In a survey of 1,051 US internet users by Janrain, 53% of respondents said they aren’t in favor of websites using what they learn about them online to target ads.

Advertisers Prefer to Leave Tech Building to Their Vendors

May 30, 2018

While advertisers would like more control over their data management and ad buying contracts, they seem pretty content with leaving ad ops and building technology to their vendors, according to a new study.

How to Transform into a Modern Marketing Department

May 29, 2018

Although technology is a means to an end in digital transformation, front and center are organizational and functional issues that marketing teams must tackle so transformative vision can thrive.

Vanity Metrics Spread Doubt About Digital Marketing’s Effectiveness

May 29, 2018

The data points marketers present in their pitches often don’t really matter to CFOs' ultimate goals, according to a Viant study.