June 30, 2020

What Do Data Professionals Worldwide Think Is the Biggest Problem to Tackle in AI/Machine Learning Today? (% of respondents, April 2020)


Data is from the June 2020 Anaconda "2020 State of Data Science Survey." 2,360 data scientists and data professionals worldwide were surveyed online during February 12-April 20, 2020. Respondents were recruited via social media and were from the Anaconda email database with the opportunity to participate in a sweepstakes drawing. Respondents were from companies with an industry designation of technology (15%), consulting (9%), healthcare (9%), finance (7%), and energy (6%). Respondents had job levels of senior, entry-level, manager, owner/executive/C-level, or principal in the job role of data scientist, student, profession/instructor, developer, analyst, or researcher. Anaconda is a data science software company.