September 24, 2019

Comparative Estimates: Average Email Open Rates in North America, 2018-2019


This chart compares average email open rates worldwide during 2018-2019.


Full citation: Acoustic, "2019 Marketing Benchmark Report," August 21, 2019; Cheetah Digital, "Email Benchmark Report," February 1, 2019; Epsilon, "Email Trends and Benchmarks: Q1 2019," July 29, 2019; GetResponse, "Email Marketing Benchmarks," August 13, 2019


Acoustic data is from the August 2019 “2019 Marketing Benchmark Report.” Data is based on email and mobile marketing messages sent by thousands of brands across 40 countries during 2018. Cheetah Digital data is from the February 2019 “Email Benchmark Report.” Data is based on all email campaigns sent by Cheetah Digital clients in Canada and the US during Q4 2018. Cheetah Digital clients operate within various industries—primarily multichannel retail, but also business products and services, consumer products and services, media and entertainment, publishing and travel. All benchmarks reflect average performance at 7 days after emails have been sent. Epsilon data is from the 2019 report titled “Email Trends and Benchmarks: Q1 2019.” Epsilon business-as-usual metrics are based on 14.4 billion emails sent across multiple industries and approximately 160 Epsilon clients in North America on the Agility Harmony platform during January-March 2019. Epsilon triggered email metrics are based on billions of triggered emails across multiple industries sent between January-March 2019. GetResponse data is from the August 2019 report titled “Email Marketing Benchmarks.” Data is based on 4 billion emails sent by GetResponse customers worldwide during January-June 2019.