July 30, 2019

What Concerns Do Internet Users Worldwide Have About Using Select Smart Devices? (% of respondents, May 2019)


A global survey asked consumers whether they have concerns about using smart devices such as smart speakers, smart security devices, smart home devices and fitness trackers. Concerns included privacy & data issues, difficulty with installing/configuring, security/hacking and whether the device ... actually solves a problem.More


For each device shown, respondents were asked, "What concerns do you have about using [device]"?


Data is from the July 2019 Limelight Networks report titled "The State of Digital Lifestyles - 2019." 4,500 internet users ages 18+ in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and the US (n=500 in each country) were surveyed by a third party during May 12-29, 2019. All respondents downloaded software or streamed digital video or music in the past month. Limelight Networks is a content delivery network.