May 8, 2019

Is the Volume of Paid Subscription Services Getting to Be Too Much for US Subscribers*? (% of respondents, March 2019)


A survey asked US consumers whether they have any paid subscription services they forgot they were even paying for, and whether they intend to review their subscriptions for ones to cancel.


Data is from the May 2019 Fetch report titled "Customer Retention in the Subscription Economy." 1,500 US paid subscription service subscribers were surveyed via the Pollfish mobile survey platform in March 2019. Respondents were female (55%) and male (45%). Respondents identified their ages as 18-24 (11%), 25-34 (29%), 35-44 (25%), 45-54 (16%) and 55+ (19%). Subscription services were defined as previously pay-per product/service companies that now charge customers a subscription price to have recurring access to a product or service (e.g., Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club) vs. traditionally subscription-based businesses like public utilities. Fetch is a mobile ad agency.