July 11, 2018

Steps Taken to Improve Brand Safety of Digital Media Buys According to US Marketers*, May 2018 (% of respondents)


This chart is a survey of US marketers from agencies and marketing firms. It shows the US marketers who have already taken vs. plan to take steps to improve brand safety of digital media buys. The steps taken include blacklist specific sites/channels, avoid political content, monitor site list, ... whitelist sites/channels, avoid or limit UGC, increase contextual targeting and increase use of programmatic guaranteed/private marketplaces.More


Data is from the July 2018 Trusted Media Brands (TMB) report titled "Programmatic in the Era of Transparency" conducted by Advertiser Perceptions. 300 US agency respondents and marketers from the Advertiser Perceptions Media Decision-Maker database were surveyed online during May 2018. Respondents were 100% involved in media brand selection decisions. Respondents identified their company as an agency (60%) or marketing firm (40%), and their job title as director/supervisor (39%), manager/planner/buyer (21%) and VP and above (40%). Respondents received incentives in the form of cash and information. Trusted Media Brands is a media and direct marketing company.