May 15, 2019

Users of Digital TV*, Free-to-Air and Pay TV Among TV Viewers in Germany, Sweden and the UK, March 2019 (% of respondents)


TV viewers in Germany, Sweden and the UK were asked how many they use online TV (digital video services), Pay TV or Free-to-air (broadcast TV) services to watch.


Free-to-air includes Freeview and Freesat in the UK. In Germany viewers can receive free TV using an over-the-air antenna, cable, DTH or telco systems. In Sweden viewers must use an over-the-air antenna to receive free TV. Digital TV (or digital video services both free and paid) is streamed or ... downloaded shows, movies, news, sports, documentary and kid's content (e.g. Netflix, Now TV, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video). Pay TV is cable, satellite and telco TV systems requiring a subscription.More


Data is from the May 2019 nScreen Media report titled "TV Universe—UK, Germany, Sweden: How People Watch Television Today" sponsored by Gracenote. 1,500 TV viewers ages 18+ were surveyed in the UK, Germany and Sweden during February-March 2019. The data has been weighted to ensure a representative of the general population in each country.