March 27, 2019

US Internet Users Who Have Deleted a Social Media Account due to Privacy Concerns, by Age, Oct 2018 (% of respondents in each group)


Younger generations in the US are more likely to have deleted a social media account because of concerns with privacy.


Data is from the March 2019 Norton Lifelock "Cyber Safety Insights Report" conducted by The Harris Poll. 16,000 internet users ages 18+ in 16 countries were surveyed online by The Harris Poll during October 9-30, 2018. Respondents were from Australia (n=1,002), Brazil (n=1,051), Canada (n=1,026), China (n=1,051), France (n=1,065), Germany (n=1,001), Hong Kong (n=1,000), Italy (n=1,004), Japan (n=1,001), Mexico (n=1,050), Netherlands (n=1,003), New Zealand (n=1,002), Taiwan (n=1,000), United Arab Emirates (n=1,001), the UK (n=1,006) and the US (n=1,004). Data was weighted where necessary to bring them in line with their actual proportions in the population. A global postweight was applied to ensure equal weight of each country in the global total. No estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For the US, 1,004 US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed during October 2018. For Canada, 1,002 internet users in Canada ages 18+ were surveyed during October 2018. Symantec is the parent company of Norton Lifelock.