February 5, 2019

US Mothers vs. Fathers Who Agree the Internet Has Changed the Way They Get Information About Products/Services, Aug 2018 (% of mothers, % of fathers and % of total adults)


A large majority of moms and dads agree the internet has changed the way they get information about products and services.


Data was provided to eMarketer by Simmons Research.


Data is from the February 2019 Simmons Research "Summer 2018 National Consumer Study." 22,776 US adult consumers, including 2,586 mothers and 1,891 fathers with children under 18 in the household, were surveyed during July 23, 2017-August 30, 2018. Phase 1 consisted of either a telephone placement interview or a mail-based recruitment questionnaire to obtain the household's participation in the survey. Phase 2 involved mailing self-administered survey booklets to eligible household members.