June 30, 2021

US Voice Assistant Users, by Age and Brand, May 2021 (% of respondents in each group)


Data is from the June 2021 Vixen Labs in partnership with Open Voice Network report titled "Voice Consumer Index 2021" conducted by Delineate. 6,000 adults ages 18+ were surveyed in Germany, the UK, and the US during May 14-19, 2021 (n=2,000 per country). Respondents were recruited via consumer panels and invited to take the online survey via computer or mobile device. Samples for each country were controlled with representative quotas, and weighted to be representative of national populations. The margin of error for the total sample in each country is +/- 2.2%. Vixen Labs is a full-service voice agency. Open Voice Network is an independently funded nonprofit industry association whose focus is to increase user trust of digital voice assistance.