March 13, 2019

US Header Bidding Adoption, Jan 2018-March 2019 (% of total HBIX sites*)


This chart looks at monthly header bidder adoption by the top 1,000 sites that do programmatic advertising among Alexa Internet's top 5,000 site from October 2017-March 2019.


Data is from the March 2019 Adzerk "Ad Tech Insights - March '19 Report." The report is based on the top 5,000 US sites from in August 2017 and removed any sites that didn't show ads, used only an in-house ad platform or required a login to access a page with ads. The top remaining 1,000 sites formed the HBIX. Adzerk then looked for 700+ manually found expressions to indicate if/how these sites were doing header bidding. The HBIX list was updated November 2018. Adzerk is an API software company.