June 20, 2018

Customer Experience Expectations that US Digital Shoppers Have for Brands, March 2018 (% of respondents)


This chart shows the customers experience expectations that US digital shoppers have for brands. Responses include that there be consistent levels of service across physical and digital channels and some shoppers expect personalized experiences, among other expectations.


Data is from the June 2018 Ipsos and Medallia report titled "The Customer Experience Tipping Point." 8,002 internet users ages 18+ in France (n=2,000), Germany (n=2,000), the UK (n=2,000) and the US (n=2,002) were surveyed online during March 9-27, 2018. The collected sample was approximately matched to the census of each country on age and gender. The research was conducted online in the local language for each country, and respondents were incentivized to participate. Medallia is a customer experience company.