May 15, 2018

Primary Challenge of Utilizing Marketing Data According to Creative and Marketing Professionals Worldwide, Jan 2018 (% of respondents)


A 2018 survey of creative and marketing professionals found telling the right story with data as the leading challenge when procuring, managing, and utilizing marketing data. Other challenges marketers encounter include the management of data across platforms, simplifying and visualizing data.


Respondents were asked, "What is the biggest challenge your team faces when procuring, managing, and utilizing your marketing data?" Data was provided to eMarketer by Widen.


Data is from the May 2018 Widen "2018 Widen Connectivity Report." 506 marketing and creative professionals worldwide were surveyed online during November 2017-January 2018. Respondents identified their job titles as C-level executive (3.7%), director (10.6%), employee/staff (40.6%), manager (34.9%), president or owner (5.9%) or vice president (3.0%) at companies located in Asia-Pacific (2.0%), Eastern Europe (3.0%), Latin America and the Caribbean (1.7%), the Middle East (1.2%), North America (67.0%), South Asia (0.3%) and Western Europe (24.8%). Respondents identified the number of employees at their company as 1-50 (21.3%), 51-250 (19.0%), 251-1,000 (22.0%), 1,001-5,000 (17.0%), 5,001-10,000 (7.8%) and 10,000+ (13.0%). Widen is a content technology company.