March 26, 2020

Ad Content Types US Marketers Believe Should vs. Should Not Appear Near Coronavirus Content, March 2020 (% of respondents)


Marketers were asked which brands they think they should avoid being near vs. those that they want to see near Coronavirus content. Industries they would like to avoid include travel, food/beverage, banking/finance/insurance, automotive and retail. Industries they would like to see adjacent to ... Coronavirus content include health/pharma, government, not-for-profit and technology/telecommunication.More


Respondents were asked, "What types of brands do you believe shouldn't be near coronavirus content?" and "What types of brands do you *want* to see near coronavirus content?"


Data is from the March 2020 Integral Ad Science (IAS) report titled "Coronavirus: Ad Adjacency Considerations." 200 US marketers were surveyed online during March 2020 about how marketers are perceiving coronavirus ad adjacencies. Integral Ad Science is a digital ad verification company.