May 7, 2019

US Desktop vs. Mobile Audio Ad Spending, 2017 & 2018 (millions and % change)


Digital ad data includes categories as defined by IAB/PwC—classified ads and auctions, digital audio (advertising supported audio programming offered on a streaming basis or podcast), display ads (such as banners), email (banner ads, lead generation, links or advertiser sponsorships that appear as ... ads within an email or the entire email for email newsletters, marketing campaigns and other commercial email communications), lead generation, mobile (audio/video spot appearing within mobile sites, apps, text messaging services or within mobile search results, search ads, static or rich media display ads and text messaging), online video (in-page, pre- and post-roll), rich media, search ads (including contextual text links, paid inclusion, paid listings and site optimization), social media advertising (includes social gaming and social networking across all device types) and sponsorships.More


Data is from the May 2019 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC "Internet Advertising Revenue Report: 2018 Full Year Results." The report is based on research and information compiled directly from companies selling online/mobile advertising. The survey includes data concerning digital advertising revenues from ad networks and exchanges, commercial online services, email providers, mobile devices, websites and all other companies selling online advertising.

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