Why Funding for Programmatic OOH Campaigns Is Coming Out of Mobile Ad Budgets

An interview with:
Michael Provenzano
CEO and Co-Founder
Vistar Media

Think out-of-home (OOH) advertising is just about static billboards, bus stops and benches? Think again.

eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher recently spoke with Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder of OOH advertising solutions provider Vistar Media, about the growing promise of programmatic for enabling greater audience targeting capabilities with OOH advertising, and why a good chunk of dollars are shifting here from mobile.


Where are sellers in terms of their programmatic advertising adoption?

Michael Provenzano:

Everyone on the sell side has one simple concept: They want to make more money. That’s a universal want. What concerns them, in the fountain of programmatic revenue, is the control they have over their inventory. Do they get to control pricing? Do they get to approve creative?

Most large media networks have adopted programmatic in a meaningful way and are now expanding their strategies across open exchange and private marketplace [PMP] opportunities. This adoption is extending to smaller networks, especially new entrants in the space that are looking to monetize without building a full media-based business.

Interview conducted on August 1, 2018

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