Customer Experience Execs Adapting to Millennial Expectations

Millennials have been the focus of advertisers, retailers and media for over a decade, but as influential as this group has been, meeting millennials' expectations has proven difficult.  

A Q1 2018 survey of US customer experience executives by WBR Insights found that more than one-third said they felt pressure to adapt to millennial preferences, and to do so fast.

A larger number said they are making changes, but they view the shift less urgently, saying the alterations will have a long-term effect.

Only 8% saw no difference in millennial preferences.

Fully 34% of respondents had strategies specifically for increasing millennial satisfaction, while 32% were focusing on millennials as a part of their segmented customer experience strategy. 

Millennials and Gen X consumers are more likely than older consumers to feel their expectations have been met by many brands, according to a March 2018 survey by Ipsos and Medallia. Among the industries that millennials were likely to feel had exceeded their expectations: banking (25% of the US millennials surveyed said banks had exceeded their expectations in the preceding 12 months), hotels (24%) and online retail (22%). Offline retail (11%) and mobile networks (14%) were among the laggards.