Consumers Don't Want Personalization to Get Too Personal

They don't mind sharing their name or age. Their location? Not so much.

Consumers are all for personalization, but just how much are they willing to share?

According to new data from digital solutions provider Avionos, it's mostly the basics, like their name, email address, gender and age—information that they've likely shared with many companies over the years. 

But when it came to other personal data, like shopping preferences, hobbies or interests, as well as current location—essentially things that will help brands tailor a more personal shopping experience—they're less likely to share that information. 

The study was conducted in December 2017, roughly four months before the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica news broke. But it paints a picture that consumers are certainly wary of how brands are using their personal data. And it mirrors similar sentiments from a January 2018 survey by RSA

For example, more than half of internet users in the US and Western Europe found it creepy that tracking technologies like wearables collect and store data on their every move, which points to the hesitancy many felt in the Avionos survey about sharing their current location. 

Similarly, 55% of respondents said they are so used to giving away their personal information—like their name and age—that reversing that trend will be almost impossible.