January 28, 2021

When Would US iPhone/iPad Owners Opt in to App Tracking for Personalized Ads/Content? (% of respondents, Jan 2021)


Respondents were asked, "Many services are able to show content and ads based on our interests only because they track activities across the apps we use and the websites we visit. In an attempt to strengthen digital privacy, however, a new feature in iOS/iPadOS will warn you when an app tracks your ... online activities. You can either give permission to allow tracking or deny it. Keeping this in mind, select "agree" or "disagree" for the following statements."More


Data is from a January 2021 SellCell survey as cited in company blog. 2,000 US iPhone and iPad owners ages 18+ were surveyed online during January 18-26, 2021. SellCell is an online marketplace for selling pre-owned mobile phones.