March 17, 2020

Main Challenge US Influencers Are Facing During the Coronavirus Pandemic, March 2020 (% of respondents)


US influencers were asked what challenges they are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Data is from the March 2020 Mavrck report titled "Social Influencing in a Time of Social Distancing: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Influencer Marketing Industry". 254 US creators/influencers ages 18+ from the Mavrck Creator Advisory Board, a vetted group of influencers/creators spanning a range of verticals and follower counts within the Mavrck database, were surveyed during March 15-16, 2020. Influencers/creators had a minimum of 2,000 followers and at least a 1% engagement rate. In addition, 96 million posts from the Mavrck Creator Index were analyzed during January 1-March 15, 2020.