January 21, 2020

How Do US Adults Listen to Music? (% of respondents, Jan 2020)


This chart shows how internet users in the United States listen to music. The formats listed are: streaming services (e.g., Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal), traditional AM/FM radio, vinyl records, CDs, online video (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), cassette tapes, eight-track tapes and satellite radio ... (e.g., XM, Sirius, etc.).More


Data is from a January 2020 Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter survey titled "National Tracking Poll #200199." 2,199 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed online during January 9-11, 2020. Data was weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on age, educational attainment, gender, race and region. The margin of error is +/-2 percentage points.