October 24, 2018

Which Capabilities Are US Marketers Not Doing that Would Be Helpful in Achieving Better Advertising Results? (% of respondents, Oct 2018)


Marketers in the US were asked what capabilities they are not doing would be helpful in achieving better advertising results. Capabilities included machine learning/AI, real-time ad assembly, real-time versioning, multivariate A/B testing of creative, dynamic creative optimization, identity ... resolution (e.g. creating a single view of the customer), cross-platform storytelling and omnichannel advertising.More


Data was provided to eMarketer by RevJet.


Data is from the October 2018 Forrester Consulting report titled "The Personalized Advertising Confidence Gap" commissioned by RevJet. 109 US marketing strategy decision-makers from various industries at companies with revenues of over $1 billion were surveyed during September-October 2018. Respondents identified their company focus as B2B (24%), B2C (38) or both (39%) in a position of C-level (19%), director (48%) or VP (33%). RevJet operates an online platform for audience-based ad creatives.