July 1, 2018

Digital Travel Sales Worldwide, 2017-2022 (billions and % change)


Global online sales of travel reached $694.41 billion in 2018, up 10.4% from 2017. eMarketer estimates online sales of travel—including airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, hotels, and accommodations and transportation—worldwide to hit $931.37 billion in 2022.


Digital travel includes airline, car rental, cruise, hotel, accommodation and transportation. For more of eMarketer's forecasts on this topic, <a href="https://prolink.emarketer.com/forecasts/5ac79b93a2835e0d4c787d1c/5a5fc50fd8690c11dc8ffa9d">click here.</a>


Estimates are based on the analysis of data from other research firms and government agencies, historical trends, reported and estimated revenues from major online retailers, consumer online buying trends, macro-level economic conditions and internet and mobile adoption trends.